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* Do you know what the web redirect record is?

Suggested article: Web redirect record

The WR record is the short name of the Web Redirect record. It is known as HTTP forwarding or URL redirecting. It has an important role to redirect old URLs to the new URLs.

Depending on the time you need to redirect the URLs, there are two types of Web Redirects:

  • 301 permanent redirect. Forever, one URL has changed to another because of a domain change or another change inside the site. It will show to the searching engines where the new one is.
  • 302 temporary redirect. The current URL is not available for a short time, and it is redirecting to another page (could be another product) or the home page.
  • Frame redirect. Only inside a frame, the redirect will happen.

Web redirects are a very needed SEO tool that helps you keep your SEO and orient your visitors. If you want to read more about the topic, see this article!